Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Martian Smartwatch

It has arrived! I finally got the watch - for $49.99 from a Canadian distributor on Amazon (not a bad price btw). It took me 20 minutes to pair it because I'm an idiot. However, after pairing it and downloading the martian notifier app, I'll update everyone once I have had time to use it. Apparently the watch will run 7 days without a recharge -something you won't see on full android smart watches. The Martian Notifier is different - it has an analog watch (separate battery) and the smart OLED area which has notification areas for e-mail, text, apps, etc....

Below: I found some games in the building I live and decided to grab 'em!

Below: I modified my screenshot below and added a few graphics for my twitter page.

Below: My friend Dave sitting in John's garage when I visited this summer. He took 2 huge hits on John's weed pipe and wasn't high. I took 1 rip and was high as fuck for 60 minutes. Go figure.

My cute as hell cat. He is so loveable and just a huge suck. He can't stand being alone. When I returned home on Aug 22 he had wide eyes and quickly attacked me with affection. 

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