Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Alcohol vs. Cannabis Story

So I'll share a story I haven't told in a long time. The first time is when I truly got hammered drunk on my 25th birthday out at the bar.

The Alcohol Story

Country Bar - Palomino Club (Winnipeg / now permanently closed)

So I arrive  with John and my other buddy Dave. Dave doesn't drink so it was just myself drinking and John would also be my dedicated driver. I hit the bar early with a couple of budweiser beers and it gave me a buzz. I was wearing a cowboy hat which had a sign on it that said "birthday boy 25 today" or some shit like that. I really can't remember because that whole evening was a goddamn blur. That night they had a men in dress competition and after downing some rye and cokes I decided to be brave enough to try it out. The bar had generously given myself and John women's dresses to put on and we went out to compete for crowd cheers or some shit.  I was wearing some red reba-style wig and John was wearing a blonde one. I was pretty drunk and won 2nd place while John took 3rd (I think ? ). Anyway, after taking a bit more some drunk asshole started hitting on me at the bar. I'm like buddy - I'm not into this shit. Took the dress off and resumed pounding them back. Near 1am I hit my wall and could barely walk. Room was spinning, was feeling pretty bad. John and Dave dropped me off at my apartment and I had to work (!) the next day at 10 AM.

So holy shit, somehow I managed to wake up and get to work that morning. I was so fucking hung over, on the verge of puking my guts out at any moment. I took a drink of orange juice and held it for 10 minutes until I made 3 separate trips to the washroom to puke my guts out each time. It was horrible. That hangover alone lasted 2 days solid.

I never did hit alcohol that hard until 10 years later, but shit, I learned my lesson.

The Weed Story

At home - Halifax, Nova Scotia with my girlfriend and her mother

We managed to get some good weed from a friend of ours who grew it in his basement in Halifax. He gave us a good half ounce of this stuff, don't know what it was, but it sure smelled good.

I took a long rip on the joint and finished half the joint in 5 minutes flat. It must have been an indica plant because I got so high I was couch locked and couldn't move for 10 minutes. Everything slowed down and I felt my head and eyes expand beyond their normal boundaries. Taking a quick few steps was challenging because I had trouble moving my goddamn legs I was so high. Good part was I never was panicked or paranoid. It relaxed me and I felt the need to have something to eat like chips or something.

This lasted a good couple of hours and tapered down with no short term problems or cravings. The next day I was able to work without any problems and didn't have any long term effects.

Long story short, I prefer weed over alcohol anyday.

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