Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Cautionary Tale for those considering drinking alcohol

Shit, I can go back to my earliest years as a child and remember some horrible memories of alcoholic situations and problems. You may be tempted to drink by peer pressure or friends. I suggest holding off drinking as long as possible and even when you do drink, resist the urge to get super drunk. I know lots of people who are alcoholics. It is not a pretty disease.

I remember these gems:

  • My uncles fighting on the front lawn after one of them (drunk) stabbed a spare tire on the other uncle's truck because he wouldn't give him a ride to town
  • Waiting all day in the cold weather for my dad to arrive; only to find out 6 hours later he was still in his town, drunk, and not coming to see my brother and I
  • My dad hitting the tree at my grandma's house and also falling down in the local 7-11 while we were trying to rent a movie
  • My crazy uncle threatening my brother and I with a knife because we called him out on his pathetic drunk ass life. I remember the phrase I told him "You made the bed, now lie in it". Fucking classic. My cousins beat the shit out of him the same night he threatened us
  • My stepdad being busted for DUI and going to jail for 6 months for fleeing an accident. Ya, I remember that bullshit well
  • Stepdad threatening my mother and I phone the police on the asshole. He's dead now, died in 2005 from a heart attack and likely caused by heavy alcohol use
  • Almost getting into fights with bar patrons because you accidentally bumped into them. I once even had a piece of glass hit me when 2 guys broke into a fight next to me
  • Dealing with belligerent, abusive, and nasty family members who are drunk
It goes on and on and on and on. Please remember to use alcohol in moderation. Use Marijuana in moderation. Do not do heavy drugs such as PCP, Cocaine (all kinds), meth, heroin, or heavy narcotics such as Fentanyl, Demerol or Percocet. These are deadly drugs that can speed up your demise very quickly and are highly addictive. Benzos are highly addictive and extremely dangerous when taken by people who have no idea of their power.

Stay away from LSD unless you absolutely know the risks of long term use. I have read about many LSD users complaining about being "dumbed down" due to too many LSD doses. Molly/MDMA is a drug I will never touch. It can cause problems with your brain if you use it too often.

I tend to stick to 2 areas: Alcohol and Marijuana. I am not really interested in trying out other drugs. I have tried few other drugs, mainly because my family tree has addiction issues I don't want to end up on that road.

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