Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Street Photography Shots

Perfect day for street shots today. Above, people crossing during lunchtime.

Below: Pro-life people clogging up the streets with their useless placards and papers.

So I was walking down across 7th avenue and this lady was begging for money right near the LRT station. I snapped the shot without even looking and caught this perfectly.

Below: 2 pretty young women sitting and chatting. I think they were promoting Calgary tourism or something.

I just love the old buildings in Calgary. There isn't much left here, mostly glass and mirrors now. Its' a damn shame.

2 valets waiting for their next customer.

Holy shit, a nova scotia temporary plate on a car in Alberta! I love how this paper is ripped at just the right area. These stickers are meant for only 7 days... lol

Above: Found an awesome rat rod waiting in traffic.
Below: The GR has a black and white mode. I decided to try it out.
 Above: I love Stephen Avenue at lunchtime. So busy.

Below: These anti-abortion assholes are actually showing blown-up aborted fetus pictures.

Below: Sanctuary at the church park. I love this area.

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