Sunday, April 24, 2016

"I want my money back!"

Remember when I sold my old Nissan Altima, the guy actually phoned me 2 days later wanting his money back. I guess he didn't remember signing the papers with the as-is statement. People are goddamn morons.

So I sold the Pentax yesterday, for what, $80 ? A reasonable price since I was originally hoping for $150.

Anyway he texted me 3 times last night saying "This camera makes noise when you power it up. U need to take it back.I want my money back"

I text back " It's the Pentax dust shake. It can be turned off. Google it."

I guess a few minutes later he figured out how to turn off the dust shaker and I never heard back since.

Look - I sold a perfectly working camera body. Sure I painted some stuff on the body, I was bored. Plus it comes off with nail polish.

Its not like I Plasti-dipped the entire thing. Anyway, for those selling anything used: No warranty, as-is.... and get it in writing. I needed a goddamn drink.

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