Saturday, April 23, 2016

Found a buyer for the Pentax

I *think* I found someone who's going to give me $80 for my 10-year old Pentax K10D. This is a good DSLR for anyone but it's too damn heavy for carrying around each day.

I did some research and found the Ricoh GR II to be a pretty good camera. I did some thinking and thought "Would I enjoy carrying a mirrorless camera with detachable lens? A Canon D3300 ? A sony A7 ? Too heavy. I didn't want to have the bulk of the lens. I did some checking against Canon powershots, but they're still more expensive (G7X was almost $1,000). Insane.

First, I don't need to shoot 4K video. I'm getting an iphone 6S from work in a few weeks and that will do fine for 4K video. The GR II shoots 1920x1080p at 30 fps - good enough. It'll make a fine dashcam in a pinch.

The real beauty of the GRII is the SIZE and inconspicuousness of it. Even the camera store I bought it from said it was a pretty neat camera.

Basically, you get the same sized image sensor (APS-C) as a 7D camera in a tiny point and shoot. The 28mm lens is perfect for "zooming with your feet" photography. I've owned the Pentax (bought it used) for 4 years and always had manual lenses. At first it was exciting but now it's really a pain in the ass to set the exposure, iso, etc for each and every shot. I'm lazy. With the ricoh I can go manual or automatic.

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