Saturday, January 2, 2016

Cannabis in Canada 2016

A long time ago, maybe 1990, I had an amiga 500 computer and would visit a BBS friend of mine who smoked weed.

A really great guy, very chill and relaxed. I never smoked weed, infact I think the first time I would get high would be a year before my mother in law passed away.

Alcohol is a far different drug though. I have seen family and uncles destroyed by this shit. But back to the topic at hand.

Back in 1990 (and in Winnipeg), the police were super-anti drug. Weed was still considered a dangerous drug (if you can believe that). Now that I am far older and somewhat wiser, I still consider Cannabis to be a sensible herb.

While it's true you can get addicted to just about anything, I never found myself addicted to weed. I never found myself searching for coke, crack, heroin, or meth. They never interested me at all. The danger of those drugs far exceeded the value to me.

Even prescription drugs are extremely dangerous - especially opiates like Demerol, Percoet, and Oxycontin.

But even worse than that is benzos. Those drugs are a silent killer and highly addictive. Just after Trudeau was elected we started to hear of change coming to the law of Cannabis in Canada.

I really hope Trudeau goes all the way with this and fully legalizes pot.

* Allow people to grow it at home
* Keep it restricted like tobacco or alcohol
* Tax it moderately, so you don't create an opportunity for drug dealers to sell weed
* Clear any previous convictions of Canadians who were arrested for Cannabis possession

Cannabis can be a wonderful medicine if used in moderation. It should be kept away from Children just as alcohol and tobacco. Cannabis is far safer than Tobacco and alcohol. 

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