Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On Alcohol and Drinking

The holidays are coming up soon. I thought I would write about some personal experiences with alcohol in my life. My dad died from an alcohol-related illness in 1987. He worked hard as an electrician and struggled to keep sober during the time I grew up.

Before he joined AA, I remember him drunk, falling down in a 7-11 while my brother and I were renting a movie. It was embarrassing. We'd made a bet whether or not he could clear the tree near my grandma's house. He didn't make it and nailed the tree with the truck.

Yelling, dozing during the daytime, my dad rarely ate much food. Kids learn quick when their parents are drunk. When alcohol is involved in Christmas, there are rarely any happy endings in my experience.

My dad cleaned up in 1985 and we hauled out 6 garbage bags full of befeaters gin bottles. When he cleaned up and went to AA, his whole demeanor changed. Instead of outgoing and joking, he became quiet and soft spoken. I remember at one point thinking it might be better having him drunk again.

Unfortunately he relapsed and went back on the bottle. Alcohol is a pretty powerful drug. I hope people realize to take it easy when drinking this Christmas. I tend to stop at 2 beers myself and avoid hard liquor. I just can't handle it.

As alcoholics anonymous says: One drink is too many and a thousand is not enough.

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