Monday, December 14, 2015

My Christmas Traditions (2015 edition)

Back in day my Christmas traditions were pretty basic: Get hammered on Christmas eve, watch a few movies, then go to bed.

Now I am older and don't enjoy puking my guts out after the alcohol. I prefer to sit back and watch some christmas movies:

* Harold and Kumar go to white castle
* Scarface
* The Godfather
* Full Metal Jacket
* Black Christmas
* Die Hard
* Home Alone

I also wouldn't mind getting higher than a set of giraffe's nuts, but that isn't happening any time soon. The last time I bought weed it was from some scary dude in the NE of the city in the basement. I think I'll wait until Trudeau legalizes it. Then I'll buy myself a few nugs and a big-ass bong and go to town.

In moderation of course.

More Christmas stuff later.

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