Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just bought the most expensive the world

Truth time: I am a mouse collector. I own a Sharkoon, a Tact-X, and a limited edition Razor mouse. All of the mice except the sharkoon has failed me (switches, worn out cables).

I checked Kijiji this week in search of a G9 or other type of mouse. I found a jewel of mice for sale for $35 - a Mad Catz 9 gaming mouse.

For those not in the know, this mouse is so custom, you can change everything: Width, grips, length, tilt, and weight.

It has an absurd DPI of 8200, which I don't use (I set it to 3,000). It looks like the stealth fighter of mice. This mouse retails for just under $200 and you can see why I'm so goddamn excited to own one. The previous owner didn't have a use for it on his mac.

It came in the pristine original box, everything with it.

So fucking giddy I can't explain it.

Off to mouse!

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