Monday, October 5, 2015

Voting Conservative? Here's their track record.

Voting Conservative? Here is the track record you will be endorsing:
1. Electoral fraud in 2011 and involved in irregular elections in both 2006 and 2008
2. Contempt of parliament
3. Multiple prorogations of parliament to avoid confidence motions
4. More than 150 billion dollars of debt
5. Eight straight deficits
6. C-51.
7. Cut 36 billion from health care
8. Northern Gateway approved despite an ongoing court case with First Nations and an illegitimate environmental review.
9. Anti-democratic omnibus "budget" bills (such as C-38 and C-45) that were more meant to gut environmental legislation than take care of financial matters.
10. The “Fair Elections Act” which makes it harder for traditional non-Harper voters to cast ballots.
11. Bill C-24, which created two-tiered citizenship for Canadians
12. Sabotaged international climate negotiations and failed to meaningfully reduce Canada's emissions
13. Clandestine trade deals such as FIPA with China, and CETA with Europe
14. Attacked the CBC and stacked its board with Conservative donors
15. Went after a disproportionate number of environmental and social justice charities
16. Gagged and fired government scientists in the area of climate science
17. The Senate scandal(Duffy, Meredith, Brazeau and others)
18. Handling of the F-35 situation
19. Eliminated the long form census
20. Spent more than 750 million dollars on advocacy advertising for such things as "Canada's Economic Action Plan", including promoting legislation not yet passed in parliament
21. Ongoing sales of arms to the Saudis, one of the most repressive regimes in the world
22. Cancelled the Kelowna Accord and has shown complete contempt for working with our Native People.
23. Continued to slash foreign aid and merged the Canadian International Development Agency with the Department of Foreign Affairs.
24. Sold the Canadian Wheat Board to the Saudis
25. Increased spending on prisons despite a forty year low in crime.
26. Closed down Veterans offices
27. War with ISIS.
28. Withdrew from virtually every international treaty we were part of
29. Lost out on a seat on the UN Security Council
30. Spent a billion dollars on the G8/G20 summit.
31. Unconditional support for Israel and possible hate crime charges for criticizing Israeli foreign policy
32. Refused to participate in nationally televised leaders debates.
33. Removed the per-vote subsidy to stack elections odds in Conservatives favour.
34. Shut down debate in parliament more than a hundred times
35. Closed coast guard stations
36. Ended Canada Post delivery in urban areas.
37. The Omar Khadr situation
38. Weakened pesticide regulations
39. Fired Linda Keen for reporting an unsafe nuclear reactor
40. Refused to sign the UN declaration on water being a human right, and UN declaration on rights of indigenous people.
41. Reneged on promise to stop billions in oil subsidies
42. The only country who withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol
43. Elimination of the long gun registry, and retroactively rewrote gun registry to avoid RCMP charges
44. Broke the Atlantic Accord
45. Passed C-36, a law that will likely put women involved in the sex trade at greater risk.
46. Cancelled the home energy retrofit program.
47. Income splitting implemented, despite only helping 15% of the population.
48. Cutbacks to food inspection services.
49. Dean Del Mastro, Bruce Carson, Bev Oda, Chuck Cadman, Arthur Porter
50. Repeatedly being in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and fighting with Supreme Court.

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