Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moving from Reddit to Voat

I believe in 2011 I moved from Digg to Reddit because back then, the idiots at Digg decided to remove the down-digg function and keep putting shitty paid content up front.

You had a select group of assholes posting crap content and the vast majority of new submissions got buried. Reddit was fine when I first started out. But then as the demand for more paid content crept up, and they hired that twit Ellen Pao as the Interim CEO, all shit went south.

I have no problem with the banning of subs that involve hurting animals or people or children. I'm glad they shut down the jailbait sub years ago. As far as I'm concerned, pedos should be shot.

But when they shut down some legit boards and fired a well-liked employee on the AMA sub, the time was to move to another provider.

I checked out 4Chan but to be honest that board is made for 12-year olds. Moving on to Voat seemed to make sense, except for the fact that the site can't handle ex-Reddit traffic.

To be honest, these sites are just time-wasters. I never really found Facebook or Linkedin to be very useful at all. I found twitter to be the most entertaining. It was far easier to send quick pics of things going on in my life than even using Blogger.

Yesterday was 7-11 day and they had a free slurpee on tap. Of course I picked up two !

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