Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mazda Oil Change

Time again for the oil change. The engine is at around 65,500 km, and it should be good until October or 75,000 km, whichever come first. Taking off the plastic bellypan is a pain in the ass. There is about 8 10mm bolts you have to remove before you can change the oil  because Mazda really fucked up and put the hole for the drain plug in the wrong goddamn place.

Since I never intend to go off-roading I don't see how a plastic skidplate is going to protect me from anything except small twigs. I may even discard this useless piece of plastic since the more often I remove and replace it I end up breaking either the retaining bolts or the plastic holes it goes into.

Total cost for this oil change was something like $34.00 including everything. Taking the car to a shop, you'll be spending from $70-100 per change. No chance!

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