Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Car Month - that disappointing ride

Back in 2007 I tried to become Colin Mcrae and drift through snow banks on the highway in my Subaru Impreza going 110 km/hour. Instead of going through the banks, the car turned sideways and I swiped the truck next to me, going off into the ditch.

I ended up doing about $6500 worth of damage to the front end and had to drive the lowly Chevy Aveo for a month while parts floated across the world from Japan. 

It was a terrible car, and I was on the slow journey of paying insanely high car insurance. My payments went up from $120 to $480 once I got dropped for  having 3 accidents in 5 years. The other 2 were my fault also - driving on the bridge, it was icy, I braked and ended up rear-ending the car ahead of me. The other one, I tried to drift a tim horton's parking lot and ended up swiping a car. No damage to the car but I caused about $1500 to the side of my car.

Fortunately I've slowed my ways since then and have become a sedate driver.  My advice to those thinking of speeding, driving like an idiot, whatnot: Don't bother. It isn't worth it. Just chill out and relax.

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