Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hella Supertone Horns

I bought a set of Hella Supertone horns off Amazon for $44 including shipping. (A good deal). Why did I buy them? The wimpy horn in my Mazda 3 is not cutting it. After visiting Princess Auto for a small wiring kit, wires, inline fuse & 15 amp fuses, I had the horns installed in about 2 hours. Most of this time was deciding where to place the relay, because the horns use about 11 amps of current at 12VDC, I decided to install this properly the first time.

I used 14AG wire and heat shrink tubing, lug nut connectors and inter-connect wires. It all dressed very neatly into the mazda. I had to remove the connection to my old horn. It's useless anyway, so I decided to hang the Hella's down behind my left headlight. I didn't have enough time to remove the front grille and mount them behind the grille. The problem with mounting the horn behind the grill is that snow and water will quickly find their way into the horns and destroy them via rust.

Mazda has a nice hole in the top right of the car where I could mount the relay and fuse easily. I made sure to apply heat shrink tubing to all connections and it looks really professional. I used zip ties to gather the wires together, and so far, it's looking great. I might eventually mount the horns somewhere proper, as I have given an extra 3 feet to each horn for future mounting.

Now how do I describe them? Very, very loud. I haven't had horns this loud EVER. 118 db, it's loud enough to ruin your hearing permanently in short time. I tested these in front of a neighbor, and she jumped. I like the dual tones of these things. Instead of one droning sound, each horn has it's own frequency - a hi and low tone. The only horns slightly better would be the old 1970's cadillac horns. Those cars had 4 individual horns with 4 seperate tones. (ABCD).

The reason I installed these horns, is mainly for satisfaction knowing I can "wake up" almost everyone on the road now. I don't have to HOPE people will hear my old wimpy Mazda 3 horn. These bitches will light up the darkness!!

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