Monday, September 1, 2014

Wait, Fall is 3 weeks away?

Indeed, it seems like a cruel joke. I remember when summer started and the snow went away. Hell, I was in Winnipeg not a week ago visiting family and friends. Highway driving, good times indeed. It seems strange, every time I go back to Winnipeg something awful happens. It's not ME be doing anything, it's just people acting up and going crazy. Last time, two people ended up dead in the river. Sadly, one died from alcohol (passed out in the river and drowned) and the other is a murder of a 15 year old girl. I used to think Winnipeg was a safe place to visit.

Not anymore.

Checking back into my naive youth, I thought everywhere you went was safe! With age, I see through that fake veneer.

Wherever you have rooming houses, alcohol, and parties, you'll always get someone killed by a drunken maniac. Booze destroys families and lives. I used to think it was really cool to drink alcohol. Until I saw first hand what booze does to families and lives. It destroys them. 

And in truth, the same can be said for coveted Calgary. It's dangerous here at night. You don't want to walk the streets after midnight. As my mother-in-law once said "Nothing good ever happens after midnight". She was right.

Back to school, busy streets, watch yourself.

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