Friday, August 1, 2014

Long weekend in Calgary

This Monday is a civic  holiday. In Halifax, the holiday is called 'Natal Day'. In Winnipeg the holiday is called Louis Riel Day. Some provinces don't get this day off. Sucks to be them.

I won a couple of awards at work lately. One was for doing after-hours support for a company and I ended up winning a $75 dinner out. I bought dinner at the keg. This time I won another award, and a $50 gift card to the Keg. Their steaks are something awesome. I always get the new york peppercorn steak (well done) with double-roasted potatoes.

If you are driving outside of the city this weekend, please be very careful when driving. I hate to read about people who died on highway accidents because of risky or stupid driving maneuvers.

I have to work on my mazda and change the transmission oil and get ready for my trip to Winnipeg next 2 weeks from now.

So far I've had the best summer I have ever had in 10 years. Life is really good right now.

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