Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Idiots on the road

What drives me nuts is people who stay in the left lane on the highway. This actually happened to me on August 25 when I was driving through Saskatchewan. This older 4 door Ford (Grand Marquis?) with Saskatchewan plates was being driven by some old man who refused to budge over to the right lane. Even though there was 10-15 cars behind him, including me.

At one point I gave up and stayed in the right lane to let a big pickup truck try and remind him to move right. It didn't work. Instead, people began passing illegally on the right lane.

After spending perhaps a half hour behind this inconsiderate moron, I had enough. I moved to the left lane and tried flashing my headlights. Nothing. I resorted to holding the horn down for 3 minutes. This idiot didn't move. I finally passed the fucker on the RIGHT side all the while motioning for him to get the FUCK over to the right side of the road.

Some old senile motherfucker driving obliviously to traffic and creating CHAOS on the highway. Fucking asshole, yank his license.

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