Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Calgary Stampede Approaches

The summer weather is coming up fast, as you can see below:

Canada Day is pretty quiet - thankfully. My neighbor who is 94 years old (!) fell 2 weeks ago and has not returned to the apartment complex. I don't think he will be returning back. The new computer system is working good, no major problems at all. The intel CPU runs hotter than the AMD 2 X4 processor I used to have. But with the huge cooling system in place (Noctua DH14) I haven't seen temps go very high. The XFX R9280X video card runs pretty cool under load - 50C with fans at 100%, I can't hear it from within the Antec P182 case I have.

Remember, this is the same computer case I found in the garbage when we lived at Parkland Drive in Halifax. The same case! Incredible when you think about it.

My how time flies.

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