Sunday, February 2, 2014

Whats new?

Not much. The Mazda has been bullet proof since buying it last summer. oil chg and tire rotation next month. i bought a mechanics tool set for 125 at Canadian tire, it was regularly $500. Good quality tools. i lost half my other sockets during the move from halifax to calgary.

i have been dashcaming with the gopro for a while now. uploading videos every week. The weather has been very warm lately. the cold air doesnt stick around much. i picked up a tiny keurig machine last week. its OK. the coffee, when brewed, is so-so. I still prefer drip over the keurig. i find the coffee a little over-extracted. the kcups are expensive. i bought a reusable kcup filter so i can use my own coffee. 

watching the superbowl. gotta go.

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