Wednesday, February 26, 2014


They are scary places. 6 months ago I had to take my gf to the hospital. A week ago last tuesday, the same thing, low oxygen, faint, etc. Interstitial pneumonia caused by smoking. Bad stuff. The hospitals here are huge.

The south hospital, the one they built 3 years ago in a neighborhood I never heard of (Seton), is massive. The parking levels are so huge they had to color code and name them. eg. Mountain K45, Glacier 3-42.

Left is a picture of the parkaide.

Below that is a picture of the IV bags that were used.

They moved her to the Foothills Hospital because they have a trauma center and had more open spots in ICU.

A very busy hospital indeed. 3 ICU stations each housing 24 beds.

Canada has excellent health care. Don't believe people who say it sucks here. It's the best.

The people who work in ICU are very nice. Most of them are very patient, but sometimes you encounter a nurse that needs to learn how to deal with difficult patients.

The food in the hospital is atrocious. I sampled the chicken and potatoes and vegetables. It tasted rubbery and flavourless. Terrible.

No wonder people buy food in the cafeteria and bring it to their rooms.

Parking in the hospital is very expensive. $2 per half hour. A 4 hour visit could cost you as much as $13 (the maximum for the day).

My advice: Buy a week pass and use it. The $42 you spend will pay off on the 2nd day you go there. Plus, if you have to transfer to another hospital, the same pass will work there too. I know, I tried it.

So far I've spent about $80 on parking and it was about a week. Very expensive.

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