Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dayz: The game for psychopaths

Only in a computer game designed in 2013, can you encounter random players anonymously on the internet and be murdered by them. Repeatedly. I bought the game a few days ago and was surprised at the hostility of random player encounters (or, KoS - Kill On Sight).

Once I got nailed by a sniper who was killing fresh spawns off the coast with his sniper gun. What's the challenge in that? At least man up and fight people who have weapons. I only had my fists and was dead in minutes.

I was only able to kill 1 attacker who decided it was a great idea to take his fists to me "for no good reason". I am not taunting or insulting anyone. I'm minding my own buisness, wandering through abandoned buildings and avoiding the random zombie.

Then BAM, you run into some shmuck who decides it would be fun to kill a defenceless player. It sucks. Which is now why I play almost exclusively in the night on abandoned servers.

Humanity Sucks!

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