Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Post of 2013

A year in review. Stand back, set aside a beer or two, because it's been a hell of a year. Sold the Nissan Altima in the summer time. I had to. The car gave ominous warnings by not starting on me. The check engine light came on and the mechanic said it could be a number of things. My gut said to get rid of it. And so I did.

Ended up buying a 1-year old Mazda 3, great car, no complaints. Still at the same job, live at the same place, drink slurpees every day, but goddamn, watch out for diabeeeeeetuss.  Drove back to Winnipeg in the summer for a week; it was nice (but) humid.

Bought a used GoPro to record as my dashcam; it's come in handy and I use it to record everything from my cat to the weather. I'm still learning how exactly to edit video; it's not as simple as it looks.

Sadly, the cheap zune I bought used in Calgary died exactly 1 month after using it. I can't complain much, I only paid $10 for the fucker. Back on the ipod.

Bought a set of tools from Canadian tire for $125. (Good deal - 250 piece set of wrenches and sockets that are regularly $499). No real boxing day buys except small games from Steam. Been playing Dayz Mod (Arma2). Haven't thought about buying the stand alone Dayz due to the amount of bugs and how similar the two games are.

No new years resolutions. Just be a better person I guess.
Wait. more Atlanta hip hop.

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