Monday, November 11, 2013

Used Cars - Which to buy, Which to avoid?

Hunting for a used car? Don't be surprised they command a higher price than say, 10 years ago. That's because many people are keeping their cars longer, on average of 14 years per person. Buying a used car may save you a few thousand dollars, IF you buy the right car for the right price. My advice is based mainly on what I read in and the community.

Brand to buy:

1. Acura CSX
2. Honda Civic
3. Toyota Corolla
4. Lexus IS250
5. Mazda3
6. Subaru Impreza (base)
7. Toyota Prius
8. Toyota Camry
9. Honda Accord
10. Honda CRV
11. Mazda 5
12. Nissan Altima
13. Nissan Maxima
14. Ford F150
15. Chevrolet Corvette

Brands to avoid:

1. Ford C-MAX Energi (Plug-in Hybrid)*
2. Ford Escape (1.6L Ecoboost)*
3. Mini Cooper Countryman
4. Ford C-Max Hybrid
5. Nissan Pathfinder*
6. Volkswagen Beetle
7. Cadillac XTS*
8. Ford Explorer (V6, 4WD)
9. Hyundai Genesis Coupe*
10. Ford Taurus (turbo)*
11. BMW (all)
12. Audi (all)
13. Volvo (all)
14. Range Rover (all)
15. Mercedes-Benz (all)

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