Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oil Change on the 2012 Mazda 3

I've discovered a few things about the Mazda 3. Changing the oil? Buy ramps for your car and use it for height. Taking the oil and and replacing the filter is simple. Canadian tire will accept used oil and filters for free. I did my first oil change since owning the car at 49,600 km. It will be good until 57,000 or 4 months from now (January?).

Changing the transmission fluid, it can't be done without either dropping the pan or using a suction device to pull the old fluid out via the dipstick. There is no drain bolt for the transmission. I found that out after removing the 10 mm bolts that put the plastic skid plate on the bottom. That sucks.

I'll look at buying a suction pump next week and do the job then. It should at least have the fluid changed.

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