Sunday, September 29, 2013


Theresa got out of the hospital on the 23rd. An ambulance out here costs $375 for a trip to the hospital. Cheap considering they can save your life. Not much has happened since then.

I have bought some 0W20 motor oil, an oil filter, some transmission fluid, and will be changing over my Oil and tranny fluid next weekend.

I also have to re-sign my lease this week and think about buying 2 snow tires for the Mazda. I might go the Kijiji Route as it's much cheaper that way.

No problems with the Mazda 3. Everything works as it should. Its been a few months since I had the Altima, and I don't miss it. Don't get me wrong, it served me well enough when I had it, but there's too many memories wrapped up in that car. I heard a quote last week that really stuck with me.

"When faced with tough decisions, sometimes the world will reveal the answer in time". Ever hear of a pickup truck made from a Minivan? Check out this monstrosity. I bet you it can tow 500 pounds of cargo.

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