Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shitty Cars:The Smart ForTwo

No other car has earned the most hatred than what I feel for this joke of a car. When i test drove the car 8 years ago i could not believe how poor it drove. Gear changing consisted of hard, neck-snapping jerky motions for each change up or down. The quirky pod gauges popping out of the dash, the extreme location of the engine (under the floor behind the driver). You cannot even change your oil yourself with this car. You have to take it to Mercedes-Benz so they can vacuum the old oil out. the car does not have an oil change plug.

Feeling suicidal? take it on a road trip. Only the clinically insane and terminally stupid would consider this a good car. It doesn't even qualify for a shitty gold cart. at least in a gold cart there is accelleration!

This car is shit. Mercedes is shit for making this turd. Who knew a car maker that could make the SLS masterpiece could also make something even WORSE than a Chevy Aveo! No fucking shit!

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