Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shitty Cars:Hyundai Pony

This piece of crap was The masterpiece that hyundai used to launch its foot print into the Canadian markets. Canadians, being cheap by nature and sometimes morons when buying cars- bought this car like crazy! It sold like hot cakes. Why? Because this car sold for about 5,000 new. Sounds like a great bargain right? 

Well you are wrong. The simple fact is, the car had atrocious emissions and was banned from the usa because they didn't meet epa emission limits. It also had terrible body rust, parts that lasted on average a year,and horrible performance and safety records. 

This car is so bad I question anyone who actually bought one can even have the rudimentary intelligence to survive. I think not.

This brings me to another fact. When people reach middle age, they do one of three things:

1. Buy a mid-life crisis sports car
2. Buy a reasonable car but nothing thats crap or junk
3. Buy the cheapest new car possible

I know this because many of my uncles bought firefly cars when they came out. They were terrible cars. My grandma died in one. 

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