Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shitty Cars: Dodge Omni / Plymouth Horizon

The Dodge Omni and the Plymouth Horizon were rebadged variants of a front-wheel drive, five-door hatchback model introduced by the Dodge and Plymouth divisions of the Chrysler Corporation in North America in 1978. The models were initially priced starting at $2,500. The models had substantial European origins; the car was actually developed by Simca, the French division of Chrysler Europe, before that company was sold to Peugeot, which released the car as the Talbot Horizon. Presented as a significant domestic development, the Horizon and Omni were assembled by Chrysler, who retained North American rights to the car. Both the Omni and the Horizon were based on Chrysler's then-new L platform. The company had avoided building a car for the subcompact market up until that time, preferring to use captive imports like the Dodge Colt instead. The Omni and Horizon were the first front-wheel drive cars in the Dodge and Plymouth lineup, the first front-wheel drive transverse engine production car in the North American market,[citation needed] and among the first American built front-wheel drive cars to sell in large numbers. Previous front-wheel drive American cars such as the Cord 810, Cadillac Eldorado, and Oldsmobile Toronado were low-volume luxury cars.


With the exception of the GLH version, which had a top speed of 135 MPH, all the regular Omni's and Horizon's were just pieces of junk. Slow, dangerous, crappy interior and not very long lasting parts. I remember driving one that was so bad, the lights flickered with the engine speed. I had to keep the foot on the gas AND brake at red lights so it wouldn't stall out from the "extra load" of the headlights. A pathetic piece of shit car driven by grandmas who know no better.

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Anonymous said...

i bought a new omni in 1985 and ended up putting 68975 kilometers on the car with just normal upkeep.i had it going over 90 mph with no sweat