Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shitty Cars: The Daewoo Kalos a.k.a. Chevy Aveo or Pontiac Wave

Do you know i still wake up in a cold sweat at night, dreaming i am driving this piece of shit Daewoo creation? Yes,i drove one for a month in 2008 after i wrecked my 2007 subaru impreza in a highway accident in nova scotia. i cold write hundreds and hundreds of pages why this car sucks. allow me to sum it up.

1. Pathetic engine, fuel economy, and handling. it drives like a walrus. there is no such thing as hard stops or sharp turns. you just hammer the brakes, turn the wheel, and pray something happens.

2. the lack of safety equipment is criminal. no abs, no,traction control, no ebdf no power assist brakes, no airbags beyond 2. 

3. the styling equivalent to a rollerskate on jacked up wheels. 

4. Going out on the highway? you better pray the car can at least climb to 100 km/hr. mine couldn't.

5. people will laugh at you. old demented senile ladies will like the color because it matches her pantry. young 12 year old girls will like it because its small and ugly cute.

6. your friends will start to believe you are gay.(not that there is anything wrong with that)

7. the residual value of this car after 4 years is less than a case of beer. not bad, but when the beer is Coors Light  you are getting ripped off. the beer is soooo much better than this shitty car

8. the equivalent of buying this car is doing something like: Finding any woman, any age, any height and weight. it doesn't matter. You don't pick women based on looks you might say. so if thats true, i have a 1200 pound whale you might be interested in.

That is a short summary for my hatred of the Chevy Aveo. 

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