Sunday, July 21, 2013


Sadly, within a week of having the new samsung phone, i dropped it and the glass screen cracked to a million pieces.  i had to order a replacement screen from amazon and also ordered a case for it. 

The Mazda is driving great. i don't do a hell of alot of daily driving. The car is near perfect, in spite of having a ridiculous grin on the grille. i seem to be tail gated more than when i drove the dull brown altima. maybe its just a coincidence or i never really noticed when i was in the bigger car.

Road noise is high, mainly because of the cheap tires that were put on it: Bridgestone Turanza el-300's. These tires suck so bad they placed last on tire racks list of the worst.

i will be replacing the tires in the fall with winter tires. 

Driving to Winnipeg next month. 

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