Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Altima is SOLD and I bought a car

I met a lot of different people today. I listed my car on numerous web sites for $2500 - yes, I know it's a low price. I ended up selling the car to a nice man named Alan and his wife named Brenda, both from Vietnam. Alan is a detailer and driver & Brenda works in upholstery. They are the friendliest people I know.

He drove the car and liked it. He wanted me to bring the car to a chinese-owned auto shop on Monday, but, I have zero free time lately. So I cut him a decent deal: $1800, out the door, no shop.

I transferred the title over, I went to his place, removed the old Nova Scotia plate, and he drove me home. What an amazing guy. He's going to show me the altima when it's all cleaned up.

His other car is meticulously clean - a 2003 Dodge SX. It looked brand new - inside and the engine too.

Here's a shot of me and the old Altima.

And here's a shot of the car I bought today - a 2012 Mazda 3 GX !!! I will share my negotiation story once the car is in my driveway. Cheers.

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