Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm selling the Altima

Remember a few years ago I bought a used Nissan Altima. It worked fine for a few years, but lately I have had some problems with the camshaft and cankshaft position sensors. Less than a year ago I actually got stranded on the Halifax-Dartmouth bridge. I had to be towed. On friday i almost got stranded at a pizza parlour. The car would turn over but refused to start.

I popped the hood and after 15 minutes, it started. The check engine light came on. I had a bad feeling in my gut. On saturday, I decided to pull the engine code using info I found on the internet. The code was P340: Crankshaft sensor. I phoned the dealership and they had the part for $80. 

When I arrived, my car refused to start. After spending 30 minutes, I gave up. The service department agreed to change the part for me. I found I needed another part, a camshaft sensor. The total bill was $300. 

The car still behaves as it did before. I am finished with this bloated, old man car. I am going to trade it in for a Mazda 3 or Honda Fit.

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