Thursday, May 2, 2013

Six months in alberta

So we've been here for six months now. I have to get my car safetied this month and switch over to the alberta plate. I still have my original 1997-2001 alberta plate.

I remember the move to Nova Scotia back then. It was a very different time. I was making considerably less money than I do now and my girlfriend wanted to move so she could be close to her mom and family.

The drive out east was long and harrowing. We left in march of 2001. I got the middle finger by some fucker in Quebec. We made it, but barely. We moved to Dartmouth, and although its a nice quiet area,,it sucks. There are,little stores close by. Then, though the march of time, people started to die.

First it was Michael, then uncle Tate, then George, my cat, Marion and finally Bernice. Sad really.

So we moved back west. It wasn't a hard decision as you might think. Yes, I desperately miss my coworkers and friends. But there was no future in Halifax if my line of work. Dell just bought quest and I was getting nervous something bad was going to happen.

I found out from a,colleague who still works at quest that some managers are from the USA now.

I don't regret the move. I miss my dear colleagues and friends. I still have a lot to learn in the it business. I am thankful for having the opportunity to work for such a great company as I currently do. They really look after their employees and make sure they are happy.

It's funny. The move back west took less time than the move east. I think with the GPS I had and the improved maps, it made a huge difference.

Will I ever move back?

No. Only to visit and even then it won't be as often as the past. Don't gt me wrong: the maritime a is a beautiful place to live. The people are wonderful. But here it feels like I have come home.

And that's what counts.

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