Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pictured above: An actual modified vehicle created by the hosts of Top Gear UK: What would be the best car for the elderly?

I feel driving in Calgary has not changed since 13 years ago. There are more cars on the road. There are less patient drivers. People don't pay attention to the speed limit here. I got passed by an impatient younger guy in a Chevy Cavalier. I never even busted a sweat about it. I try to be courteous and kind. But even I have my limits. Just a few days ago there was a yield section that was blocked by my car simply because of road traffic. I was doing nothing wrong, I was legally in my lane. As soon as the cars moved ahead, I did too. But then this jackass decides to lay the horn on me just as he drives into the yield. So I return the middle finger.

In hindsight, it was not a good idea. But I was pretty angry. Did I mention I purchased a police flashlight the other day? Ya, those 5-D cell ones that look like massive mag lights. You look pretty ridiculous carrying one around. I love it.

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