Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

The stores are open today, not really surprised at all. I remember 25 years ago, you would never see stores open on Good Friday. Really, I don't understand the religious part of this holiday. The Catholic Church has fallen too far to get back up. Too many predatory child rapists. Too many cover ups, abused children pushed under the rug and pedophile priests moved to other areas to claim more victims. Fuck those assholes.

The tv news stations have been covering the Jodi arias trial quite intensely. He lady is a pure psychopathic killer with zero remorse. I think she might be even more evil than Casey Anthony. I viewed the pictures of the crime scene last week. It's a bloody, dirty mess. I guess she cut the poor man's throat so deep she cut to the bone, almost decapitating him.

I don't believe her claims he was a sexual deviant or he abused her. If anything, she got him into kinky sex and was likely the one who claimed his Mormon virginity.

And that, my friends, is all I have to say about today. Check out the photo I took with my shitty blackberry curve. Taken just before 8 am in downtown calgary near 5th avenue.

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