Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The deep hole

Its been almost a year since Marion past away. On the early morning (2 am ) of March 28, she had a massive heart attack. I remember every sad detail well. It feels like a bad dream. I feel guilt for not talking to her more when she was alive. I feel terrible for being harsh when she was in a delusion. I weigh heavy with guilt in moving across the country for work. I guess I never looked further than my own nose.

When George died it wasn't so bad, because he was a very quiet reserved type of guy. Sure he liked to joke alot and watch boxing, but he was never close to me like Marion was.

We had a nice, large apartment back east. Honestly, it was depressing living in that building knowing she was alive there at one point. Running away from your feelings, I guess it could be called.

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