Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Looking back: 20 years ago

I am supposed to be writing about the Super Cars of February. But to be brutally honest, I don't give a shit about super cars at the moment. I'd like to spend this time to reflect back 20 years. 20 years ago is a long time ago, but really, it's not. Let's recap:

* Working at main street Mohawk Gas Station as a Gas Station attendant.
* My wage was $5.50 per hour and my shift was 3pm - 11pm - the worst shift you could have besides the night shift.
* I had just moved out of my mom's place that January and was living with some dude on welfare named "Marc"
* I drove a 1984 Chevy Truck (Custom Deluxe) 6-cylinder on a 3-speed manual transmission
* I made roughly $340 every 2 weeks
* My rent was $180 per month
* I weighed about 190 pounds (fat!)

* I was an ignorant homophobe
* I thought Marijuana was evil
* I had no idea about boxing or mma

Let's face it. The early 90's was pretty tough for jobs. Nobody was hiring. I did quite a bit of "day" jobs for places like Manpower and the Can-Do It company. And I mean shitty jobs:

* Swamping - unloading / loading trucks
* Road crew sign holder
* Muffin loader
* Newspaper stuffer
* Dish washer
* Cook

Its really easy to forget how bad the early days were. And you know what? Although I have a good job today, I'm under no illusion it could be gone tomorrow. That's the reality of today's job market. Fortunately I now live in a much larger job pool environment. Although I miss some of the slow paced movement of the Maritimes, I knew deep in my heart I belonged in the west.

Its hard to describe, when you're at Southland drive and Heritage and you look west to see the huge Rocky Mountain range, it takes your breath away. Working in offices downtown, I really like the bustle of the crowds.

It also makes photography really easy and interesting. Look for my shots in the next few months.


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Anonymous said...

I had cinnamon boogers for a week, and when I got those shoes wet, they puffed up like pillows. And crushing my hand in the lid machine was not fun.

Mountains.. must be nice.