Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 2 Supercar: Nissan Skyline gt-r

They call her Godzilla. And I'm sure you have seen the car on numerous videos and web sites, even this one. What makes this car so special is the performance you get for the price. You can buy a 80,000.00 car and get performance as good or better than 250,000.00 cars.

Even Jeremy Clarkson from uk top gear injured his neck from the over 1g force in the corners. The 0-60 times are stupid fast: 3.9 seconds. The car is big. I saw one in Halifax last year and I marvelled at how large the car is. It's way bigger than a g35 and must be heavier. But the car has a bullet proof drive train, engine, and ludicrous details to gauges and computerized displays.

One nice fact: the car has a GPS, and only when it detects its on a race track will it allow. You to beat the rev limiter.

God it's fast.

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