Sunday, November 11, 2012


Downtown Calgary is massive compared to 2001. I get lost trying to find buildings and customers now. Forget about using the +15 walkways, I simply use the Calgary Tower as my direction orientation guide. 

More than once I have almost missed my bus trying to get home as I was at a customer site I was not familiar with. If you want to park in Calgary forget it, downtown parking costs $457.00 per month. For reference, Halifax was $140.00 right at the waterfront. 

A monthly adult pass is $94 and a 1-way ticket is $2.75. You can buy 10 tickets for $27.50, which pays for 4 out of your 5 days you need for transit.

I live very close to a bus route and 15 minutes to the C-train. I don't bother with the train because I don't want to be packed in like a sardine. On the bus I can sit down and relax. I can't do that on the C-train - there's NO ROOM.

I'll be taking some downtown photos later this week. I still haven't found my USB port.


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