Sunday, November 25, 2012

After 1 month in Calgary: My observations

Roughly one month ago I moved with my girlfriend and cat from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Calgary. A few observations on living here for one month:

1. The traffic here is insane. Thank god I take the bus to and from work. I still have my Altima, but I haven't put much mileage on the car since I use the bus for my commute.

2. Slurpees are heavenly. I cannot say how much I missed being in a city that had seven eleven or macs stores. I lived in Halifax for 11 years and they never did have any of those stores.

3. Always drive the speed limit and never go through red lights. The reason? The police presence out here is heavy, always checking for speeders. Since calgary has red light cameras,,it's not possible to go through a red light without getting a ticket.

4. The downtown area is very busy and it easy to get lost. The city has exploded in growth since I left in 2001. I did not recognize some of the streets I used to frequent way back then.

5. It's cold out here! Since I have arrived, the temps have been cold and we had two big dumplings of snow out here.

6. The customers I work with are very friendly. Some times I meet someone who is from the east coast or even Winnipeg! Talk about coincidence.

I spend lots of my time walking to customer sites all day long. I am going to have to get a decent pair of walking shoes.

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