Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're in Calgary

When I last wrote, I was in somewhere in Ontario (thunderbay). That hotel in Thunderbay was a Comfort Inn which was stuck in the 80's. We stayed there and drove straight to Winnipeg that day.

Winnipeg was nice, because that's where I was born and grew up. It holds some special memories for me and my family live there (Two good friends of mine (John and Dave), and Brother, mom, and nephew, niece, and sister in-law).

During the first night it was good. The next day was something else. Theresa got shoved by a young aboriginal man who demanded a cigarette from her. I was sleeping in bed at the time and the smoking area was in front of the hotel.

The second incident was beer in the hotel elevator. We noticed three drunk women out front, no shoes, stumbling around the hotel entrance way. Did I mention this was at 8 in the morning?

Apparently the government of Manitoba is housing some people that were living in flooded lands that got underwater last year. They haven't moved out of the hotel and continue to "live" there free. It's sad the way alcohol affects people. I know from personal experience through some family that alcoholism is rampant in my family and it destroys lives.

The road to Calgary was nice. We stopped in to see my grandma's old house to take a picture of it. (She lived in Portage la Prairie). It was nice to get a photo of the old house - and those memories I continue to remember after all these years.

And then Calgary. If you ever want to move here, let me warn you.... the vacancy rate is near .5 % - very low. The rental costs are the highest in Canada. The plus? Calgary has the most jobs anywhere in Canada. Although the cost of living may be slightly higher than other cities, the endless opportunities and work is just incredible.


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