Thursday, October 11, 2012

The road to Calgary

Day 1: We pack the truck, start at 9am, finish at 6pm, drive straight for 12 hours and land in Levis, Quebec. First off, it's 1,000 god damn kilometers. Too much. I literally had to fight to stay awake. I pretended to be in a Top Gear Challenge. I thought to myself  "You can do this" and "Stay awake". Never again. Its just too bloody hard and dangerous to do this shit.

Day 2: We drive 750 km or so to Val'Dor Quebec. Its not so bad this time, but the hotel room is expensive ($200). Even worse, during our ride through the rural and desolate Quebec countryside, the U-Haul tow dolly wheel decides to spontaneously blow up. There is zero cell coverage out where I ended up. I had to flag a few motorists down. Fortunately, I found a repair shop 5km away and paid $158 to get the trailer tire replaced. What a piece of shit the dolly is.

Day 3: We drive to Kaspuskasing, Ontario. The super 8 is awesome and has a Jaccuzi. Even better: I get a discount rate by "suggesting" I'm here on business. The kitty is doing really good.

We head out for Thunder bay tomorrow, then Winnipeg, and finally Calgary.

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