Saturday, October 20, 2012

Almost Evicted from hotel

My stay in Calgary has been relatively quiet up until now. Last night there was a fight outside the hotel front lobby between two groups of young punks. I guess one guy decided he didn't like the way the other guy was looking at his skank girlfriend and cracked a beer bottle over his head. A melee happened in the front lobby doors and the police were called.

The next day, my girlfriend gets a phone call from the hotel front desk stating that we were going to be evicted immediately. "Why?" she asked. Apparently, we were responsible for the loud music, booze, hookers, and marijunanna smell in the hallway. Oh and the loud shouting and yelling.

So I went down to demand to speak to the manager who (conveniently) wasn't there today. However the lady at the front desk was nice enough to listen to me and hear my concerns:

1. We don't drink
2. We didn't have anyone over in our suite
3. We don't smoke weed
4. We went to bed at 10pm last night
5. We have no need of hookers

And so I convinced them that indeed, this was a misunderstanding on their part. You can smell the weed in the hallway as soon as you get into the 2nd floor of the Days Inn on Macleod trail.

Here's the scoop:

Scumbags and drug addicts from away cities like Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto visit Calgary for up to 1 week at a time. They don't work. Their primary goal is to:

1. Get high
2. Get drunk
3. Cause as much bullshit party noise as possible
4. Invite hookers and other scum over to their suite
5. Act like low-class scumbags in general

Then they fly out back to their home town, hung over and oblivious of the pain and aggravation they caused
other people.

These people are the scum of the Earth.

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