Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nissan Altima, Car from Hell

You would think that changing a simple serpentine drive belt would be easy in a 4-cylinder car. Not so in the Nissan Altima. You see, to change this belt, you have to remove the right front wheel. Not only that, but you have to remove the black plastic surrounding the inside wheel arch. Once you get that removed, you have to jocky a 14mm wrench to the tensioner and lock in an allen key to hold the tensioner back.

Removing the belt was no problem. Adding the new belt? Fuck, it won't fit. Too small by 1/2 an inch. Does it need stretching? Fuck knows. I have to take this fucking bitch to the shop again.

Like I enjoy spending $200 every two weeks. Last week it as a front left wheel bearing.

"Fuck this shit"

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