Monday, August 6, 2012

We have moved !

It is really hard to believe that we have lived in Halifax now for over 1 year. 1 year ago we moved from Dartmouth to Halifax. And who is to say where we will be in 1 year next time? Who knows! It's exciting.

We basically  moved from a 3-bedroom to a 2-bedroom apartment, mainly because it's cheaper and it doesn't have any bad memories of Marion there. (Remember, she passed away on March 28, 2012 suddenly). I managed to fix all the carpet burns from cigarettes by using a glue can and spare carpet pieces.

The actual move didn't take too long, and I had the place completely empty and clean by Saturday (a mere 2 days after we moved out). The old place has been painted and the carpets have been cleaned.

I do have a bit of regret on leaving the old place. I feel that Marion would have really liked our new apartment - mainly because we can get a cross breeze because we're on the corner of the apartment block. It's also much quieter here. There isn't any mentally retarded kids below banging on the walls or bellowing out at all hours of the day.

The old Nissan Altima is still working but I had to replace the left headlight the other day. ($10) and I also have to change the serpentine belt ($51) on the car. The belt I will try and change this weekend. Things are going OK so far, and I'm going to be starting to search for opportunities soon.

Hopefully I will find something good. (Fingers crossed).

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