Sunday, July 1, 2012

PEI Trip and Interesting Things

A few points about driving on the highway. Nobody goes the speed limit anymore. Sad to say, 90% of the drivers were going +20 and some were even going +40 over 110. A scary thought indeed. My car's air conditioning conked out just before the trip out. The weird part - Richard is buddhist so he has a bhudda statue in the living room. I touched the forehead of the bhudda and the next day my car's A/C began working again! A miracle I tell you.

Sadly, my car started to act funny on the way home. When I put the throttle down it hesitated and didn't have lots of get up and go. As I started to cross from Dartmouth to Halifax via the fast bridge, my car died. I tried to start it but it would only turn over.

The bridge police showed up and so did a tow truck driver. I waited 5 minutes and managed to get the car to run again. However, as soon as I went to toll gates and let off the gas, the engine died. I decided right then to get towed to the Halifax Nissan dealership. I had to take a taxi ride home. I left my car in the Nissan Lot and put the key in their secure drop box with a note. I really hope it's something inexpensive. I won't find out until Tuesday what is going on (due to Canadian holiday). Looks like I'll be walking and busing for a while.

The scenic background of Prince Edward Island must be seen in person to be appreciated. I drove down on Friday and returned home on Sunday. 

Richard Wood played at the Stanley Bridge school house, a real old school with seats that had cushions - an afternoon music festival (Kaylee I think it's called). Very hot - 30C and not much air.

Even the cows in the background had the right idea.

Richard Wood is a good friend of mine. Above is his fiddle.

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