Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics Coverage 2012

Most frustratingly, watching the London Summer Olympics has been hit and miss when watching on CTV or NBC.

CTV has mainly Canadian-competitors while the NBC station is obviously American. A few things I have noticed recently after watching only 1 day'worth of coverage:

1. There is no way to watch a particular event that you want. Example: I want to view the 70KG boxing match, where do I go? There is no live stream. there is no coverage on CBC, ctV, or NBC.

2. The amount of commercials are just astounding. This should be called the commercial advertising event of 2012, because I've seen more shitty sponsor commercials than any event lately.

If you are indeed lucky enough to be at the event in person, good luck getting a nice picture of the olympic torch. It has been placed in an area of limited viewing area.

The swimming and gymnastics have been good. The cycling has been extremely boring.

And we have 10 days to go on this.


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