Monday, July 16, 2012

Never buy as-is on eBay

Word to the wise: never buy anything on eBay that is listed with as/is or for repair only. I recently bought a used zune hd media player on ebay. The problem? the device won't sync with a computer. It gets the error "Device drivers cannot be loaded. Error 0000000a". Which basically means the device is fucked.

Even using a different computer (I tried 4)or operating system doesn't work. So I bought a tri-wing screwdriver from a chinese store. Now i will try and see if I can see what is wrong with my eyes.

Lord knows. My old 30G zune is still going strong - although it was lots of scratches and reboots sometimes when listening to music.

I also own an apple ipod (3rd gen) and an apple iPad series 2.

I'm not a huge apple fan, but I have to say the iPad won me over with its usefulness.

If anyone has any experience trying to get a Zune HD16 or 32 to sync, plese let me know. I am about ready to thrw the zune HD out the window.

on another note: We are moving to a new apartment at the end of this month. Time to downsize to a 2-bedroom. I am anxious to get out of here, too many sad memories of Marion.

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