Saturday, July 7, 2012

Altima Update

The Nissan Altima had two things wrong with it:

1. Crankshaft position sensor. This explains why the car was so hard to start and why the engine died mysteriously on me.

2. Rear evaporation valve near the gas tank. This valve was responsible for the "Check Engine" lamp that came on for the driver side area.

Both repairs in total cost about $520 taxes in, a huge amount of money. Now I hear a rubbing noise near the front left wheel area. It is either a wheel bearing or something else that is going wrong. I'll jack the car up this weekend and hopefully find out what the hell is going on here.

Going without a car for a few days has taught me how easy it was to take the bus to work. Granted, when I took the bus I had to get up at 6 AM and leave at 7AM to be in the office just before 8 AM. Now I know I can take a bus to work it doesn't mean the end of the world for me.

Having a car is just more convenient - albeit more expensive. In addition to the repair costs, I have to still pay off this car and pay for the insurance every month, and top up things like oil and gasoline.

Below are some more shots of PEI I took.

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